3600 PSI Airless Sprayer Hose Swivel Teflon Packed

Equivalent to Graco 223341 3600 PSI 240 Bar Swivel Teflon Packed

Airless spray gun to airless hose swivel, may also work between an airless pump and airless hose. Allows the airless hose to swivel while connected to the airless spray gun.

  • Maximum working pressure 3500 PSI 240 Bar
  • 1/4 inch female to 1/4 inch male Teflon packed
  • Quality part made in USA
  • Replaces Graco part number 223341
  • Shut off equipment and follow correct procedure to release all pressure prior to disconnecting hose or fitting
  • Do not exceed 240 bar or 3500 psi maximum working pressure
  • Before each use inspect to ensure all components are adequately connected and tensioned, undamaged, and working correctly
  • Keep part clean and free of dried paint or abrasive materials
Graco equivalent 223341 3600 PSI 240 Bar Swivel
$62.58 Inc GST
SKU: 12-1900