Airless Pump Repair Kit Replaces Airlessco 187040

Airless spray pump repair kit to suit Airlessco airless sprayer pump models 3600, 3600SL, 4100, 4100SL, 5100, 5100SL, 5300, 5300SL, 5500G, 6000, 6000G, 6100, 6100DE, 6100GS, 7100, AllPro 910 E, AllPro 1000 E, AllPro 1110 E, AllPro 1200 G, ProSpray 808, ProSpray 1000, ProSpray 1300, ProStripe 1300, Series 8, Series 10, Series 11, SL810, SL1100, SL6200, SureStripe 4500, SureStripe 6000 using repair kit part number 187040. Made in USA high quality Airlessco pump repair kit with leather and teflon packings.

Pump repacking repair kit contains;

Quantity Airlessco Part # Description
1 115-022 Ball, piston
1 187-020 Ball, intake
1 106-012 Teflon O ring, upper packing nut
1 106-013 Viton O ring, upper packing nut
1 106-018 Teflon O ring, intake housing
1 106-014 Viton O ring, intake housing
4 187-059 V-Packing, Leather lower
2 187-060 V-Packing, Leather upper
1 106-015 Teflon O ring
1 106-016 Viton O ring
1 106-017 Teflon O ring, intake seat
1 187-022 Outlet Ball Stop
1 187-058 Female Gland Lower
1 106-021 Teflon O ring Outlet Seat
6 187-029 V-Packing Polyethylene Lower
3 187-030 V-Packing Polyethylene Upper
2 187-037 Male Gland Lower

Disassembly Instructions

  1. Remove the fluid pump as per the "Fluid Pump Disconnect" instructions in the manual.
  2. Unscrew and remove the lower check valve per instructions.
  3. Unscrew & remove the packing nut (187-046). Push the piston rod down through the packings and out of the pump. Wrap some masking tape around the bottom of the piston. Now push the piston back through the pump and remove through the top. The packings and glands will be removed with the piston rod, leaving the pump casing (187-313) empty. Utilizing tool (PN 187-249) the complete packing set & piston can be removed quickly and easily.
  4. Disassemble and clean all parts for reassembly.
  5. Discard old packings, but retain old glands for reuse.
  6. Remove masking tape from piston. (if used).

Reassembly Instructions

  1. Lubricate new leather packings in lightweight oil for at least 10 minutes prior to assembly.
  2. Reassemble all parts onto piston as per drawing in the following order:
    a. Start with lower male gland (187-024)
    b. Two new V-packings face down (187-029T)
    c. Female adaptors (187-023P)
    d. Five V-Packings face up. (alternating PTFE & Leather)
    e. Upper male gland (184-024)
    f. Slide on distance tube (187-315).
    g. Three Belleville Spring (187-031) starting with the first spring facing down and next facing up and the third facing down.
    h. Slide on upper male gland (187-025) with bevel facing up.
    i. Six V-Packings faced down (alternating PTFE & Leather)
    j. Female Gland (187-026)
    k. Slide on the V-Packing holder (187-047) over upper packings.
  3. Lubricate inside of cylinder & outside of packings then slide complete assembly into the pump casing (187-313). Thread packing nut (187-046) into cylinder and tighten (hand tight only).
  4. Install the lower check valve and tighten the lower check valve nut (187-018).
  5. Connect the pump to the machine as per fluid pump reinstall procedure and add throat seal oil.
  6. Tighten the packing nut just enough to stop leaks.
Pump Repair Kit Airlessco 187040
Expolded parts view airlessco SL pumps
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